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Please fill out the form below to establish an account with us. All credit decisions will be made only in the event of a completed application with three trade references, and a signed agreement below.

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The undersigned herby represents that all of the above information is true and makes said representations for the purpose of obtaining credit from KB Commercial Products. The undersigned agrees to pay all bills for merchandise received from KB Commercial Products according to the terms of the sale and for failure to do so, agrees to pay all costs of the collection, including a reasonable attorney's fee, with or without suit, together with a service charge on any unpaid balance at the rate of 1.75% per month (21% per annum) unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The undersigned agrees to notify KB Commercial Products of any change of ownership.

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Please choose how you would like us to handle credit card payments. Also, keep in mind that we accept credit cards on our website at anytime.

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